Dissertation or Thesis Service

Our Dissertation or Thesis services are covered in the following ways:

We offer the cheapest possible service with Special Student Rates for students who require their Dissertation or Thesis transcribed from their notes or research material that requires transcribing. We also offer a service for Copy Typing up notes or research material from either rough typed or hand written work.

We also of a Dissertation or Thesis Proofreading & Correction Service to enable the correction of punctuation, grammar and spelling. Many U.K. or international students get confused between American and English spelling and end up with a mixture of both, which can look very unprofessional and for any professor or lecturer this stands out a mile. We can correct the spelling to be either or. If you are unfamiliar with English grammar (which can be very complex), then we are here to help and ensure that your grammar is perfect and that your sentences are well structured. Punctuation can also be complicated and we shall correct this at the same time. All of this is already included in our Dissertation or Thesis Proofreading & Correction Service, and there are no hidden costs.

We also offer a service for layout design of your Dissertation or Thesis. If you have an idea of the way you would like your work to look, but are not quite sure how to achieve this look then we can help you achieve it. If you just don't have any idea of the way you would like your work to look then let us make some suggestions to help you. This would include help with the title page, contents page, references (Harvard Style or otherwise), bibliographies, appendices, graphs, images, page numbering, etc.

Get the look you want with our help and Cheap Student Rates.

All work is confidential.


Some of our services include:
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