Document Scanning Service

Our Document Scanning Service helps companies turn digital or archive documents easily by allowing any paper documents to be scanned and put onto either CD or DVD.

Document scanning literally means taking a paper document and reproducing the exact same document as an electronic image, which can then be placed either onto a CD or DVD. Once on the disc a contents page or index can be produced with the use of links, or left without any index or contents page. The choice is yours.

Your document scanning can be either in black and white or colour.

You can have your documents as individual GIF, JPEG or TIFF image files or we can put them into PDF or Word format, individuallly or as one continuous document. It's alll up to you. Our service is tailored to meet your needs.

Our document scanning rates are very low and turnaround time is fast, depending on the volume of documents to be scanned. Our cheap scanning rates allow affordability for smaller and larger businesses to digitise and archive their documents.

A quick example of some of our rates:

  • 100 sheets for £15.00 (including placing them onto the disk with links)
  • 500 sheets for £75.00 (including placing them onto the disk with links)
  • 1,000 sheets for £125.00 (including placing them onto a disk with links)
  • 10,000 sheets for £1,000 (including placing them onto a disk with links0

Some typical examples of the use of document scanning are:

  • Legal Case documents
  • Purchase Ledger documents
  • Financial documents
  • HR records
  • University course documents
  • And much more...

Our document preparation service is already included in our document scanning rates, which means the removal of staples and paperclips to enable quick scanning.

  • No job is too large or small, all jobs are welcome.
  • There is no minimum charge for our document scanning service.

You can trust that your documents will be secure and that your privacy is of utmost importance to us. Once the job is complete we can either return your documents to you or we can safely destroy them by shredding.

If you have any questions or queries regarding our Document Scanning Service or would like a quote then please contact us on 0203 0048767 or if you are outside of the UK ring +(44)203 0048767 or you can us at . Or fill out the simple quotation form below for a quick quote.

We are always here to help.


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