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Digital Transcription & Typing Services from HireATypist - Free Trial.

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About HireATypist - Cheapest Typing and Transcription Service around - 10% Student Discount.

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HireAtypist Services - Proofreading, Grammar Correction, Copy Typing, All Types of Transcrption.

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HireATypist Rates - Cheapest Rates Guaranteed - 10% Discount for All Students.

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HireATypist Student Rates - Cheapest Rates Guaranteed - 10% Discount for All Students.

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HireATypist Rates - Cheapest Rates Guaranteed - 10% Discount for All Students.

US Student Rates
HireATypist US Student Rates - Cheapest Rates Guaranteed - 10% Discount for All Students.

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HireATypist Special Offers - Get Us 3 New Customers & You Get Your Job Done FREE.

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Get A Quote - Call 0203 0048767 or email - Cheapest Rates Guaranteed.

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HireATypist - Upload A File - Fast Turnaround & 10% Discount for All Students.

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HireATypist File Types - All Types of Files Accepted - Get A FREE Trial

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HireATypist Recording Quality - Good Quality Recordings Are Best - FREE Trial Available.

HireATypist - FAQ's - 10% Discount for All Students.

HireATypist Employment - Mass Domain Checking Service for Web Professionals at Lowest Rates.

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Contact HireATypist - We do Legal, Medical & Digital Transcription on a per hour basis.


Transcription Services

Audio Transcription
Audio Transcription - Unlike others we charge per hour and not minute transcribed

Digital Transcription
Digital Transcription - For Students, Individuals, Businesses, Legal Sector, Medical Profession & More

Medical Transcription
Medical Transcription - Cheapest Rates, Fast Turnaround & Guaranteed Satisfaction

Legal Transcription
Legal Transcription - Fast, Professional, Affordable Services for the Legal Sector

Digital Dictation
HireATypist Dictation Tips - Digital Transcription & Copy Typing Service for All


Other Services

Copy Typing
Copy Typing - Discounts for Regulars & 10% Discount for All Students

Proofreading & Correction - Affordable, Fast Professional Proofreading & Correction Service

Document Scanning
Document Scannig Service - Cheap, Fast, Professional from Paper to Disc


Some of our services include:
Digital Transcription, Audio Typing, Copy Typing, Medical Transcription, Legal Transcription, Proofreading & Correction, Proofreading & Editing, Document Scanning Service, Scanning & Archiving, Student Typing Services, Secure File Upload, Digital Dictation, Interview Transcription, Questionnaire Transcription, Lecture Transcription, Conference Transcription, Meeting Transcription, Report Transcription, Discussion Transcription, Focus Group Transcription, Essays, Dissertation, Thesis, Manuscript, Presentation Design, Video Transcription, Mini Disc Transcription, DVD Transcription, PACE Interview Transcription, Police Interview Transcription, Witness Statement Transcription, Student Transcription Services, Paraphrasing, Re-Writing Essays, Assignments, Reports, Document Formatting.