Our Special Student Rates

All work completed and returned within 2 days unless the work is ongoing or a larger job such as a manuscript, book or series of transcripts etc.

We need the name of your academic institution and a scanned copy of either your Student ID or Student Union Card to be eligible for our discounts.

Overnight Service jobs should be received before 6pm and will be returned the following morning, see the rates below or Our Services for more details.

Unlike most companies we charge per hour transcribed and not per minute transcribed - we are far CHEAPER.

If you are unsure then why not email us or give us a call for a fixed price.

UK Student Rates

Student Typing & Transcription Rates

Item Description Cost
Copy Typing $20.00 per hour of our time
Audio Typing/Transcription $40.00 per hour transcribed
Digital Transcription $40.00 per hour transcribed
Transcribed Interviews $40.00 per hour transcribed
Transcribed Questionnaires $40.00 per hour transcribed
Transcribed Lectures $40.00 per hour transcribed
Transcribed Reports $40.00 per hour transcribed
Transcribed Discussions $40.00 per hour transcribed
Transcribed Meetings $40.00 per hour transcribed
Legal Transcription $50.00 per hour transcribed
Medical Transcription $50.00 per hour transcribed
Same Day/Overnight Service $55.00 per hour transcribed
Letters/Memos $3.00 per page
Presentation Design
(Including special effects)
$2.50 per page
Questionnaire Design $7.00 per sheet
Newsletter/Leaflet/Flyer Design $10.00 per single sided sheet
Layout Design Contact us for a quote - very low rates
CV/Resume Design $12 for whole CV/Resume
Meeting Minutes $2.50 per sheet
Interviews/Lectures $2.50 per sheet
Essays/Dissertations/Thesis $20.00 per hour our time
(Minimum 30 mins $10.00 charge)
Books/Manuscripts/Scripts Contact us for a quote - very low rates
Proofreading & Editing $20.00 per hour
(Minimum 30 mins $10.00 charge)
Grammar Correction $20.00 per hour
(Minimum 30 mins $10.00 charge)

Other Student Services

Item Description Cost
Database Development Contact us for a quote - very low rates
Form Design $20.00 per hour
(Minimum 20 mins 7.50 charge)
Extra Copy of Work 2¢ per sheet
Address Labels Contact us for a quote - very low rates
Printed & Posted Copy of Work Free of Charge
Postage is at cost.

Some rates & costs are negotiable, depending on the type of job.

All students are required to pay fees up front or as the work is undertaken. You can pay a small deposit and we will give you a sample of our work if you are unsure.

For any items not listed either telephone us on +(44)203 0048767 or us at quote@hireatypist.co.uk.

No job is too small, large or difficult. We are always here to help you.

If you would like your work posted to you then postage is at cost.


Some of our services include:
Digital Transcription, Audio Typing, Copy Typing, Medical Transcription, Legal Transcription, Proofreading & Correction, Proofreading & Editing, Document Scanning Service, Scanning & Archiving, Student Typing Services, Secure File Upload, Digital Dictation, Interview Transcription, Questionnaire Transcription, Lecture Transcription, Conference Transcription, Meeting Transcription, Report Transcription, Discussion Transcription, Focus Group Transcription, Essays, Dissertation, Thesis, Manuscript, Presentation Design, Video Transcription, Mini Disc Transcription, DVD Transcription, PACE Interview Transcription, Police Interview Transcription, Witness Statement Transcription, Student Transcription Services, Paraphrasing, Re-Writing Essays, Assignments, Reports, Document Formatting.